Welcome To Rushclan News!

11-23-16  Rushclan has been created!

12-6-16 We are now allies with Forestclan.

12-8-16  Autumn has been exiled.

12-16-16  Rushclan is no longer allies with Craneclan.

12-24-16 Loki has been demoted to war commander.

12-25-16  Ren has been put back to Co Deputy.

12-29-16 Shadow and Dark are now mates!

1-1-17 Rushclan is now allies with RegalClan.

1-1-17 Rebelle has died of old age.her new OC is Maple Elite Knight of Rushclan.

1-4-17 Shadow and Dark are no longer mates.

1-6-17 Shadow has been exiled

1-6-17 We welcome Storm into Rushclan!

1-6-17 We will be roleplaying at 4:00 pacific time today.

1-16-17  Two OCs are now aloud in Rushclan. But you have to use both the same amount and only one can have a mate.